Only get cheap wedding flowers if the colors that are in the market at the time will match the bride's gown, and the decorations at the church and reception hall. You've got to make sure they go with the color theme. There is absolutely no point in saving some costs by buying inexpensive flowers, if they are out of step with the over-all visuals of your wedding day! Although, having said that, certain colors do seem to suit some seasons. White roses, for instance, do look pretty in colder, winter months, while pink roses are a beautiful choice for the warmer months of spring or summer. And then, red roses will compliment almost any color and can be used at any time of the year. They always seem just right. And with the red lips / red heart / red rose connection, a red rose has traditionally suggested love. something we are all thinking about as the bride and groom walk down the aisle and out into married life together.
September 13, 2010 — admin