Ranunculus is a very popular flower for weddings due to their soft, tissue paper-thin petals, and their romantic and graceful look. This gorgeous focal bloom makes frequent appearances in centerpieces for birthdays, bridal bouquets, and flower arrangements, because of its simple beauty and wide array of vibrant colors. Its versatility also makes it a favorite in events and parties as they look equally great with many different themes and styles. Both by themselves and paired with other blooms, Ranunculus make stunning floral decorations. They also look gorgeous in a vase, just to make your home prettier, and are the perfect gift to brighten than special someone's day.

Fresh-Cut Ranunculus Flowers

Wholesale Ranunculus flowers can be found in an extensive selection of colors, going from bold, jewel-like shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and hot pink, to other softer hues of white, ivory, coral peach, cream, and blush pink.

The beauty of ranunculus flowers is long-lasting, having a vase life of at least 7 days. Adding floral preservative to the water and keeping the out of direct sunlight can increase vase life by one or two additional days. Buy Ranunculus, (also known as buttercup flowers) online from Flower Explosion and brighten any room with a soft and colorful fresh-cut flower.

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