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Investor Relations


Sign up for a customer account

Sign up today for a new customer account with Flower Explosion and take advantage of hundreds of offers, gifts and discounts. Once a month, one of our registered clients wins a completely FREE gift card to be used on any product or offer! Sign up here


Become an authorized reseller

What is an authorized reseller?
It is someone who acts as an independent contractor for Flower Explosion and is certified to resell the company’s products, and to offer special rates to corporate customers upon the authorization of the company’s financial department.

What are the benefits?
As an authorized reseller, you will be given a corporate code. With this code, your clients will be able to obtain discounts. For every purchase they make, you will get a commission.

What are my obligations?
Being an independent contractor, you can manage your time as you want. In other words, you work when you want. However, there are minimum goals that the company expects you to achieve. If these minimum goals are repeatedly not met, Flower Explosion reserves the right to cancel your reseller account or to designate another reseller in your area.

Where do I start?
Please fill out this short US Reseller Application. You will receive an online explanation package. After your application is processed, we will contact you and send you an Official Reseller Kit, which will include your reseller code. Then you can start making money!

Is it free?


Franchises for local stores

We are proud to offer a limited number of our franchises to US flower retailers.

To learn more, please send an email to and a corporate representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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Business Services


Corporate Gifts

Flower Explosion proudly offers several programs for your business. We consider giving flowers as a universal way to express appreciation to clients, employees, and anyone else who is part of your business.


Let us do the work for you!
Just give us a list of the people to whom you would like to send roses, flowers or arrangements, and we’ll take care of obtaining their addresses and printing personalized postcards for every gift. We will even help you choose the best product and give you a discount! For more information on this service, please call our toll-free number, 1-866-639-0277, or send us an email at


Periodical Gifts!
We give you the option to set up a periodical shipping schedule. Would you like to receive a bunch of flowers every 2 weeks or each month at your doorstep? Do you want to send flowers regularly to someone you love or to a group of people? You got it! With Periodical Gifts from Flower Explosion, any recurrent shipping can be arranged. For more information on this service, please call our toll free number 1-866-639-0277, or send an email to


Gift Cards

If you are not sure about what to give, the best option is to buy one of our Gift Cards. They can be used online or over the phone to pay for any product or offer. If the gift card hasn't been used after 30 days of the purchase date, you can ask for a refund!* You will receive your gift code via email, and a couple of days later you will receive the physical gift card, as well.

Flower Explosion can even personalize the card. Send us a picture, graphic design or text and we’ll print it on your gift card. Corporate orders can be arranged.

*If a gift card hasn’t been used after one year from the purchase date, the code on that card will automatically be disabled. You will need to call us in order to provide a new code.

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Wholesale and Catalog


Volume Discounts

If you are a wholesaler, Flower Explosion can offer volume discounts and other cargo arrangements. Please send an email to and be sure to include your contact information.


Request a printed catalog & pricesheet

For our complete brochure of our products, services and prices please send an email to

Please tell us your name, type of business (Designer, Distributor, Flower Shop), and we will send you an updated list.

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International Shipping

Currently, our door delivery service is only available for the United States. Upon request it is available to metro areas in Canada. Please call us for more information.

However, we can arrange wholesale flower exports to different countries:

Flower Explosion peut organiser des exportations de fleurs en gros à la France. 

Flower Explosion puede realizar exportaciones de flores al por mayor a España.

Flower Explosion arrangieren Blumengroßmarkt Ausfuhren nach Deutschland

Flower Explosion можем организовать оптовый экспорт в Россию цветок


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