Orchids are celebrated for their exotic beauty, subtle fragrance, and timeless elegance. And with such a wide variety of available styles and colors, they make an excellent choice for wedding centerpieces and bouquets, as well as other special occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Orchids For All Occasions

Our online florist team can help you choose the perfect orchid flowers for your upcoming event. Browse our wide variety of orchids for sale and select the style and color that matches your vision, and we’ll get them sent to you cut fresh from our farm.

The Many Meanings of the Orchid Flower

There are over 20,000 known species of orchid flower, each of them with their own symbolism and meaning. As a whole, orchids are revered for their reputation of love, fertility, femininity, and elegance.

You’ll find quite a few different colors of orchids in our online flower shop, both natural and tinted. While you may choose your orchids based on the theme or color scheme of your wedding or other event, you may also want to consider the symbolism behind each color.

Orange orchids symbolize boldness, pride, and enthusiasm.

White orchids symbolize elegance, innocence, purity, and reverence.

Pink orchids symbolize grace, joy, and femininity.

Red orchids symbolize passion, desire, courage, and strength.

Purple orchids symbolize royalty, admiration, and respect.

Yellow orchids symbolize joy, new beginnings, and friendship.

Green orchids symbolize life, nature, health, and longevity.

Blue orchids are extremely rare in nature, and represent spirituality and meditation.

We offer orchids in all of the above colors for flower delivery, including blue and green tinted orchid flowers.

Flower Delivery Made Easy

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