Orange Flowers

If you are looking for a color that touches the soul without being overpowering then orange is it. Orange flowers combine the courage and boldness of the color red with the happiness of yellow. Flower Explosion offer a large selection of orange flowers for sale that by nature emit energy, pride and confidence.
While Halloween is certainly an appropriate time of year, there are actually many times of year when orange flowers are on point. The color orange is actually perfectly suited for an arrangement for an event in Spring. The energy of the color and season go perfectly together and it can be used as an accent or a primary color. As the season progresses to summer, up the intensity of the color by utilizing its tones, which adds gray colors to the orange hue. This creates darker and lighter colors that are more intense and seasonal.
While orange is not normally thought of as a wedding color, it has become increasing popular in recent years especially during the spring and fall. The orange flower bouquet beams with young energy and adds a pizazz that is hard to find in other colors. To create a textural look be sure to use several different types of orange flowers. Never settle for cheap orange flowers and always visit Flower Explosion.