Snapdragon flowers owe their name to the shape of their petals, that remind of the jaws of a Chinese dragon. Each stem displays around 10 to 15 blooms, that are grouped together giving the impression of a single, big, long flower. Their slender look makes them perfect accent flowers to add volume and height to centerpieces and bouquets. Snapdragons are very popular for wedding floral arrangements, but are also excellent cut flowers to decorate your home, and their estimated vase life goes from 5 to 15 days, depending on how well they are cared for.

Fresh Cut Snapdragon Flowers

These unique flowers symbolize graciousness and strength, and they originated in the south of Europe as wildflowers. They are available in multiple colors, such as light and hot pink, lavender, white, purple, orange and yellow. Whether a baby shower, a birthday party, a Baptism, or a romantic wedding, these blooms look gorgeous in any situation with their sweet, soft, and ethereal look!. 

Once you receive your Snapdragon flowers and remove them from their package, cut diagonally about 1 inch of the stems and place them in cool water. They are most likely going to arrive very thirsty and tired, this is absolutely normal! Always remove any leaves that may be left under the waterline, since they can cause your flowers to die faster. Snapdragons drink a lot! so make sure to keep them hydrated by refilling the water if necessary and change the water every day to achieve maximum freshness. 

Did you know that Snapdragons are phototropic flowers? This means that they tend to follow the light (any source of light, not just the sun), so their stems may curve towards it. If you want to make sure that they remain straight, place a light directly above them while they are hydrating, just make sure that is isn't any closer than 6 feet from your flowers.

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