Anthurium flowers display vibrant colors with a waxy texture and leaf-shaped blooms. They are a big trend this year among brides and wedding planners, due to their tropical look, their year-round availability, and their extremely long vase life. They can last between 10 and 45 days! Pair them with other tropical blooms like orchids or monstera leaves, or place them by themselves in a vase, for a striking and long-lasting bouquet.

Fresh Cut Anthurium

Their intense, vibrant shiny colors range from bright red, to green, light and hot pink, brown, and even white! You can also find bicolor anthurium at Flower Explosion. They can gorgeously decorate any room, venue, or wedding altar, and look especially stunning when added to boho-chic or tropical-style floral arrangements.

In order to keep their beauty and help them extend their vase life, handle them with care, as they can bruise. Also, don not expose your Anthurium flowers to temperatures below 55F, because they will lose their vibrant color and turn gray or black.

Flower Explosion delivers the best quality flowers directly from our farms in South America to your doorstep, without middlemen. This allows us to offer you very competitive prices and the freshest, longest-lasting blooms you can find! Order your Anthurium today and enjoy FREE shipping.