Amaranthus add volume and color to your floral arrangements with their soft, earthy toned stems, covered in clusters of small flower buds. They are a perfect choice for those looking to create cascading bouquets, due to their long, hanging tails. Their texture is great for rural and woodland-inspired events, because they add a bushy and abundant appearence to arrangements that can't be achieved with other fillers or flowers.

Ideal for fall weddings or celebrations, Amaranthus comes in three different organic rich colors: Green, Red, and bronze. Create boho-chic floral arrangements and give them an enchanted and lush look with these rare greens, they will definitely make a statement! Amaranthus are also a favorite to be used in preserved centerpieces, because they look almost equally beautiful when they are dried, and they keep their deep colors and fuzzy look for a long time.

Fresh Cut Amaranthus

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