Wholesale Flowers

In addition to providing various affordable flower packages, gift options, and exceptional service and delivery to customers, Flower Explosion also offers wholesale flowers at competitive prices. In fact, Flower Explosion is a leading bulk flowers provider online!

Why Buy Wholesale Flowers Online

If you are in the process of planning a large event, such as a wedding, party or funeral, know that we have your floral arrangements covered. The talented team at Flower Explosion is available to help you determine which flowers will be in season at the time of your event and even offer deals and promotions on purchasing flowers and flower supplies in bulk.

Flower Explosion also makes providing fresh-cut, high-quality flowers a top priority for customers and businesses, which is why many businesses choose Flower Explosion for their wholesale needs! Florists can depend on Flower Explosion for all their wholesale needs. We offer the highest quality fresh flowers for all flower shops.

Flowers are our business. Customers and businesses alike can purchase flowers in bulk, have them shipped directly to a home or venue, and according to their schedules. We guarantee that our flowers will arrive fresh and beautiful. Flower Explosion offers free delivery on all wholesale flower purchases. 

 Wholesale Flowers Online for Any Event

 Flower Explosion offers a wide selection of wholesale flowers to choose from online. The majority of wholesale flower orders include the following:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Special occasions
  • Funerals
  • Graduations
  • Other events
  • Florist and flower shop orders

 Additionally, the majority of the flowers offered by Flower Explosion are available for wholesale purchase year round; however, a number of seasonal options are also available.

In the event that the type of flower that you are looking for isn’t available, our team is highly experienced, trained, and knowledge in different flower types and the art of floral arrangements and may be able to offer suggestions and recommendations on which flowers may be great substitutes for your particular floral arrangements.

Contact the friendly customer service team at Flower Explosion for more information on pricing and availability.

 Save Money by Purchasing Wholesale Flowers Online with Flower Explosion

 Flower Explosion also offers a number of deals on wholesale flowers and flower supplies online. Wholesale flowers can be ordered and purchased by floral designers, florists, wedding planners, artists, party planners and consultants or large companies or venues. 

Customers and individuals can also take advantage of the same great deals and offers by purchasing wholesale flowers online, such as Baby’s Breath, Gerberas, and more for DIY arrangements and designs.

 Customers and businesses can take advantage of these offers and save money simply by ordering wholesale flowers in bulk from one wholesale flower provider, at a great price, and all from the comfort of their homes or offices.

 Free Wholesale Flower Delivery

 The team at Flower Explosion takes pride and great care in preparing every customer order. Being one of the leading farm-direct flower suppliers in America since 2009, Flower Explosion ensures that each flower is hand-cut to perfection, placed in cold storage for optimal freshness, and packaged with the highest quality and care to ensure safe delivery.

 Flower Explosion packs each customer order with high-quality packaging and ships via cold storage to ensure freshness and quality. Our primary goal is to ensure that our flowers arrive in the best possible condition and with the utmost freshness so that they will be truly beautiful and stunning for every recipient and event. This is part of the Flower Explosion guarantee.

 Flower Explosion also offers FREE shipping and delivery via FedEx so customers and businesses can track their orders and rest assured that their orders arrive according to schedule.

 Exceptional Wholesale Service

 Contact Flower Explosion to speak with the team about wholesale flower offers and deals and shipping options today.