Red Flowers

Red Flowers communicate a message of love and passion. While red roses are most commonly associated with desire, red carnations, red gerberas, red orchids, and other red flowers also do as well. Red flowers are very common as loving gifts during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other romantic times, but they also work well regardless of occasion as they add a pop of color to any arrangement any time of year. Flower Explosion offers many types of red flowers for sale to suit any occasion or event.
Our flower experts have presented some tips when navigating red flowers: To show your love in a simple but elegant way, consider creating a single flower budvase. The simplicity and clean lines can sometimes be more effective in communicating a message of love. However, if you want to go all out and create a centerpiece or arrangement full of red flowers, in order to keep it from looking ‘heavy’, use different tints of red, which will break up the color.
Other popular holiday for red flowers (beyond Vday) is the 4th of July and Christmas. For the 4th, find a simple Mason jar vase, add white and blue flowers, and you are ready to celebrate. Before Christmas time, shop our wide selection of greenery to compliment some red carnations for the perfect holiday decorations.
Let check out and pick your perfect red flower bouquet for the next occasion!