Lipstick Red Flowers

Are you looking for specific colors, but you have not decided the type of flower yet? Here you will find all of our red flowers. We have Lipstick Red shades of all kinds of blooms.

When you think red, you think love. Lipstick Red Flowers, specifically, is said to represent passion and love. Lipstick Red Flowers bouquets are perfect for nearly any season. Perfectly suited for celebrating a day of love.

Did you know red is one of the top two favorite colors of all people? Lipstick Red Flowers are not only perfect for weddings but ideal for valentine’s day or anniversaries. They work beautifully with warm colors like orange, yellow, as well as white. Pair bright red and pink roses with red peonies and Eucalyptus leaves for a beautiful bouquet with a natural flair. Garden rosesanemones, berries, and greenery is also a beautiful choice.

True to Flower Explosion's excellent standards, we source directly from the farm. All our Lipstick Red Flowers are grown in the Andes foothills that enjoy 350-plus days of sunshine. They are cut-to-order and arrive at your doorstep just 3 days after first cut to ensure your flowers are the freshest possible.

We recommend you schedule your delivery two days prior to your event to allow sufficient time to hydrate your flowers. Also, remember to see our wide variety of colors and be sure to check out the many additional services.