Wedding Ranunculus

Ranunculus are romantic and graceful flowers that keep gaining popularity every season, due to their stunning whimsical look, their elegant shape, and multiple layers of soft, paper-thin petals that unfurl outwards from a tight center. Ranunculus flowers are commonly used in bold, jewel-toned floral arrangements, garden-style centerpieces, and bridal bouquets of all sorts. These beauties add a touch of style and elegance to any event, and look perfect by themselves, as a feature flower, or paired with other focal blooms and greenery.

Wholesale Ranunculus for Weddings

Your wedding day will likely be the most memorable and amazing party you will ever throw, and that deserves also the most memorable and gorgeous flowers you can find! Ranunculus flowers are soft, delicate, and elegant blooms that add a touch of romance and style to any floral arrangement or centerpiece. These absolute wedding favorites have myriads of tissue paper-thin petals that unfurl outwards from a tight center, blossoming gorgeously and creating a ball-shaped bloom.

This focal flower will look great by itself or paired with other garden-style flowers or greenery. Any season and any wedding style works for these stunners! You can choose from light, sweet and soft colors like white, light pink, coral peach, or cream, or go for the bold, vibrant hues such as yellow, orange, hot pink, red, or burgundy-purple.

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