Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping/delivery/return policies?

You may read our complete terms of use here

What type of payments do you accept

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discovery) and PayPal. For registered customers that buy on a regular basis, check payments and wire transfers may be accepted upon submitting an application.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to all 50 States via FedEx. We also offer airport deliveries in major Canadian Airports, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
FlowerExplosion offers a different freight service for other countries. For more information check our international corporate services.

Where do I enter my discount code?

You may enter your discount or associate code on the Discount Code bar that appears at the bottom of the shopping kart, before the final checkout.

Where do I enter my Gift Card code?

You may enter your discount or associate code on the Discount Code bar that appears at the bottom of the shopping kart, before the final checkout.

Remember that you may only use your gift card one time due to system specifications. However, if more than $25 will be left on the Gift Card you may call us in advance so we can cancel that code and split it into two different ones.

Are there special rates for frequent customers?

For registered customers who buy on a regular basis, or that are interested on making wholesale purchases, discount rates may be granted. Please visit our Investor relations link or call our sales call center at1-866-639-0277.

Are the prices online the same as the prices over the phone?

Yes, every product has the same price online or over the phone. However, if you need personalized flower arrangements that are not listed on our website, you may talk to a sales representative to get an estimate.

How are the flowers packaged?

We have four different box sizes. The biggest one can fit up to 200 stemmed roses, on average. Fresh cut flowers are grouped in bunches, hydrated and pre-cooled before being shipped. A time span of only three to four days passes in between the harvesting of our flowers and their arrival to your door. That is the reason why our flowers are so fresh.

My bunch of roses has only 12 roses, instead of 25

Please note that most bunches of flowers, especially roses, are packed in bunches of 25 roses. Each bunch has two layers of roses, the upper one with 12 roses and a lower one with 13. Make sure to open the bunch completely.

Can I change my order?

If there is something you need to change you must contact us as soon as possible. Any request to change an existing order must be done seven days prior the delivery date. Our farms need to process every order in a timely manner since our products are shipped from South America. If you are calling after hours please also send us an email.

If your order has already been shipped, no changes or cancellations are possible.

To cancel an order please use this cancelation form. If you cannot access the form please send an email to with the subject heading CANCEL. Please include your order number and your phone number so a representative can call you back and confirm the cancellation.

On all cancellations and order changes where FlowerExplosion has to issue a refund, the amount to be refunded is subject to a 20% fee. FlowerExplosion charges this fee due to the credit card double processing fees and labor time that a refund involves. Refunds will be issued within forty-eight hours of the cancellation confirmation on the same credit card or PayPal account used.

What if there's a problem with my order?

At FlowerExplosion your satisfaction is our priority. We fully guarantee our flowers and do our best to make sure that our product will meet your expectations. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, please call on the same delivery day. FlowerExplosion will schedule an immediate pickup of the box and will issue a refund or offer you a better deal. If you need to report a problem with your order please call us or send us an email to with the subject heading RETURN. Please include your order number and your phone number so a representative can call you back.

FlowerExplosion limits this policy to one box per shipment, requires a picture of the product as it arrived in the box. All original contents must be included with the return and please remember that you must notify FlowerExplosion on the same delivery day. Please read our complete terms of use before purchasing.

How far in advance should I place my order?

As soon as you can. This will allow you to secure your flowers before they might sell out or be removed from our catalog. In general, we recommend that you place your order at least 4 or 5 days in advance of the delivery date.

We realize that urgent situations arise in which you need your flowers as soon as possible, and FlowerExplosion is here to help. If you need your flowers or arrangements to arrive sooner, please call us to our toll-free number, 1 866 639 0277 and we will try our best to work something out.

Are all the flowers displayed on the website available?

We check on our farm’s harvest on a daily basis in order to update our online catalog. Whatever is displayed on our website is available. If, however, for some reason a product is not available, we will contact the customer immediately and offer him/her the most similar variety available.