Green Flowers

Beyond those dyed green color flowers you find in March (which we sell a lot of), the color green is used to symbolize good fortune and resilience. When it comes to using green flowers in arrangements, if you are also using greenery as a base, be careful that you do not lose the detail of the flowers in the background. To avoid this, start off with a dark green background color as your base for your arrangement. Once that is done, create some space and depth by adding splashes of white filler that will fill the middle of the arrangement. Lastly, use a variety different shades of green flowers to create texture.

Believe us when we say the uses for green flowers go beyond Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, because green is universally abundant in nature, we are accustomed using it as a neutral color. Combining green flowers with other colors in an arrangement or bouquet is therefore relatively easy.

Looking for a unique look for your wedding? Consider making green flowers bouquets. Green flowers bouquets have the power to add a fresh and outdoorsy feels to any celebration. Not all green flowers are made equal and you don’t want to see anyone walking down the aisle with cheap green flowers. To prevent this, visit Flower Explosion for your green flower supplies.