Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Chrysanthemums—usually called by their shorter name, mums—are one of the most beautiful of all the autumn harvest flowers. Mums flowers, while simple and delicate in their own way, bring a welcome bounty of freshness for fall gifts or occasions, be it bridal bouquets, birthdays, anniversaries, “I love you’s,” graduations, Halloween, or Thanksgiving flowers.

Chrysanthemums: The Perfect Autumn Harvest Flowers

Welcome the chrysanthemums. As soon as summer begins to fade into fall, the leaves change from green to red, orange, and yellow, eventually falling to the ground and leaving trees bare. Gardens once vibrant with colorful blossoms are now mostly just earth, left dry until the next blooming season comes along.

But while you might not think of autumn flowers as being quite as magnificent as spring flowers or summer flowers, some beloved standouts bring bursts of brightness into the season. Among them: chrysanthemums, in all their colorful glory.

The Many Colors of Mums Flowers

One of the reasons chrysanthemums are such widely popular fall flowers is that, more than just pure seasonal availability, mums flowers perfectly capture the cozy feeling of autumn. Their colors are bold yet warm; bringing brightness and warmth into any room you find them. 

In our online store, youll find chrysanthemums in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, green, pink, purple, and white. We also sell rainbow tinted spider mums that are sure to bring that “wow” factor to any event or gift.

Nearly daisy-like in form, mums flowers bring fresh autumn joy and beauty right ahead of the more muted appearance of winter. But even with colder weather around the corner, these autumn harvest flowers are full of vibrancy and life.

Order Chrysanthemums for Your Fall Event

Mums flowers truly shine in the autumn months. Whether youre looking for the perfect addition to fall bridal bouquets or an ideal complement to your Thanksgiving flowers, well help you get the freshest chrysanthemums available, all at a reasonable price.

Here at Flower Explosion, we work closely with over two dozen farm partners worldwide to pick you flowers at their peak and ship them to you quickly and efficiently. Simply choose your favorite blooms and we will get them hand-cut to order for you, safely packaged, and at your door within three to four business days. Shipping is free via FedEx, and guaranteed with tracking.

Looking for something a little bigger than a simple bouquet? We offer wholesale chrysanthemum arrangements for event planners and professional florists, as well as expertly crafted floral arrangements for brides at a fraction of the usual cost.

Get Shopping for the Best of Fall Flowers

Flower Explosion offers a wide variety of seasonal blooms, and were always happy to work with you to design the perfect arrangement. Send us a note if you need some help, or visit our online store to search our beautiful collections. Once you find what you like, put it an order and well have them freshly picked and at your door in just a few days.