Some of the best roses seen today in US weddings are grown abroad. There is a large market for imported roses, that even the recession has not slowed down by much.  In fact, we import almost $1 million dollars worth of roses a day into the US. The actual figures for last year, for instance, are $316 million worth of roses imported, a decline of just over 2 percent of the 2008 total. Now the surprising thing is that most of these come from growers in Colombia and Ecuador: over 95 percent of the roses imported into this country comes from these two Latin countries. And since they are low-wage economies, their roses arrive are very modest cost. A shrewd wholesaler or florist will learn how to pass those modest prices on to the customer and build up a profitable, enviable business based on quality flowers at low prices. Especially wedding roses.
October 12, 2010 — admin