A month ago, Svea called us with some questions about roses for her wedding; she wanted to use different types of orange roses. We talked about the shades she was looking for and finally we came out with some varieties that together will look beautiful. She used Movie Star, Tropical Amazone and Anastasia.
These is what she wrote for us:
"Hi Ivonne,
We really wanted to write a testimonial for flowerexplosion.com.
When we first ordered flowers for our wedding, we weren't really sure which colors to choose since there were so many roses listed on the website. Right from the start, the staff at flowerexplosion.com was more than helpful and patient with my questions and concerns about ordering flowers online. They reassured me that the flowers would be beautiful and have large flower heads. My family was a little nervous, since we only payed $1 per rose (including shipping). They thought the flowers would be small and low-quality.
We received the flowers three days before our wedding and were blown away with their beauty. They were MORE beautiful than roses in the flower shop. Ivonne told us they might look "sleepy" and they would be better after rehydration, but it looked like they had just packed the boxes in Ecuador hours before. The roses were in great shape, had HUGE flower heads and were absolutely stunning. The colors were amazing (thanks to the staff at flowerexplosion.com for their help). It has been 11 days since they were delivered and they are still gorgeous. We didn't have to do much to the flowers, besides cut them to the desired length and pull off a few protective flower petals.
We can't thank flowerexplosion.com enough for supplying our wedding with the most beautiful flowers. We had so many compliments on the flower arrangements, and I would recommend flowerexplosion.com to anyone! If we have another event in the future, we will be ordering from flowerexplosion.com.
Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!!
Ivonne - I have also attached some pictures of our arrangements. THEY ARE SO STUNNING. I'm so happy with our decision to go with you!
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October 11, 2011 — admin