Baby’s breath is often used by florists as filler for arrangements, but these clouds of ethereal white and pink flowers can have a stunning effect when they are used on their own.  They are quite gorgeous in their own right, and are also versatile enough that they can be shaped to your needs.
They also last longer than a lot of other flowers, which makes it possible to prepare wedding arrangements made of baby’s breath a few days in advance.  Whether you are looking for something to use as a wedding centerpiece or just a sprig of flowers to embellish your décor, baby’s breath never fails.  Here are 10 amazing ways to use baby’s breath at your wedding!

1. Delicate baby’s breath garlands.

baby’s breath garlands

photo source

While these garlands feature more than just baby’s breath, baby’s breath definitely isn’t just playing the role of filler here!  These garlands have a soft elegance to them, and look so light and delicate you’d think they could float away on a breeze.  These garlands would work beautifully at any wedding, indoors or outdoors.  You could run them through the gardens and the dining room and the room where the cocktail hour is held.  They would be a perfect floral motif to tie the whole event together.

2. Hanging tin cans.

tin can babys breath

 photo source

This is a very cool idea for using baby’s breath in a unique, rustic way to dress up a table.  You could use this idea anywhere though where you can hang little tin cans.  They’d be perfect for embellishing the corners of a room or for hanging in the garden from a tree for the wedding reception or the ceremony itself.  Don’t they have a lovely festive vibe?  What a wonderful idea by Jesi Haack Design.

 3. Bridal bouquet

babys breath bouquet

 photo source

Here’s a very simple idea for using baby’s breath, but a great one; here, baby’s breath is being used as the filler flowers in the bridal bouquet, and the only flowers in the bridesmaid’s bouquets.  This is a wonderful idea if you are looking for flowers which will match literally any color scheme you can think of, including a monochromatic one like this.  Sometimes simplicity offers the utmost sophistication.  These baby’s breath bouquets add to the wedding photos, but do not distract the eye from what matters most—the people in them.

4. Baby’s breath in a barrel.

babys breath barrel

 photo source

Here is another rustic décor idea, this one borrowed from a wedding styled by Francis Event Designs and photographed by Cheryl Dawn Photography, Inc.  Everything about this wedding paid tribute to its rustic country setting, including the baby’s breath arrangements.  Baby’s breath was placed inside of rustic barrels for a great effect; these arrangements look absolutely weightless, like fluffy little clouds.

5. Baby’s breath monogram.

monogram chairsphoto source

Here’s a fun and clever way to make the bride and groom’s chairs stand out!  These monogrammed settings are very cute!  This is an idea you could really run with too.  Imagine all the creative shapes you could create out of baby’s breath.  The only limit here is your imagination.

6. Baby’s breath wreath.

 baby breath wreathphoto source

Wreaths always are a classic choice for décor at a wedding.  Wreaths made with baby’s breath are very eye-catching, and add a romantic touch to a wall or door.  Look how much these two wreaths stand out against the dark wood doors they are fronting!

7. Baby’s breath chandeliers.

 Babys-Breath-Chandelierphoto source

If you are looking for an idea that will really take your breath away, look no further than this baby’s breath “chandelier” hanging over the banquet table at this backyard Indiana wedding.  The fluffy globe of delicate blossoms really has a gorgeous effect!  If you follow the link, you will see many other beautiful uses of baby’s breath for the same wedding, including more baby’s breath chair monograms.

8. Decorate a drink glass

 cocktail baby breathphoto source

Here’s a unique idea for your cocktail hour!  Just look what a beautiful, unexpected touch this baby’s breath arrangement adds to this drink glass.  What a way to delight your guests and surprise them!  This makes for a beautiful photo as well, and is a great way to draw your guests into the atmosphere of your special day.

9. Simple baby’s breath arrangements in glass bottles.

 glass bottles

photo source

These are really lovely, simple arrangements of baby’s breath sprigs in glass bottles.  There are no other flowers being used here, and the bottles are as minimalist as the baby’s breath itself.  What I really like about this arrangement is the way the baby’s breath all clouds together above the bottles.  The sparse, slender stems with the mass of baby’s breath above contributes to a weightless effect.

10. Bridal up-do.


photo source

Finally, one more great way to use baby’s breath at your wedding is to wear it in your hair!  This is a beautiful up-do which has been embellished by baby’s breath.  Another idea would be to wear the baby’s breath in a garland around your head.  This look is particularly lovely though because it is so organic.  The little flowers really add a kind of “glow” to the bride’s blonde hair, almost like a natural halo.  On darker hair, they’d look beautiful too, standing out like stars with bold contrast.  What an elegant idea!
There are many clever and beautiful ways you can use baby’s breath to decorate for your wedding!  Florists like Flower Explosion specialize in creating different sizes of clusters of baby’s breath which are ideal for many different uses.  When you are planning a wedding with arrangements like these, you can get your arrangements done a couple days early, which makes it easier to set them all up in time for the big day.  It's also a very affordable flower, which can keep your overall costs down.  And as you can see, the effect is quite phenomenal!
February 02, 2022 — Mark Kubala