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These beauties with their striking jet-black centers are a favorite flower among brides, wedding planners and floral designers. They are excellent fresh cut flowers for centerpieces and bouquets, and they add a gorgeous pop of color to greenery arrangements. Anemones flowers also work wonderfully by themselves or paired with other blooms, and look beautiful in a vase to brighten up your home for the spring.
Native to parts of Asia, these large, focal blossoms sit on long stems swaying above dark green, maple-like leaves. The anemone petals are small and round and most blooms have between five and six petals which are thin and papery like those of a poppy.
They come in a variety of colors but crisp white is the most popular one, as well as bright red, pink, magenta, purple, and blue. There are other white anemone varieties with green as well as yellow centers. These delicate flowers typically have a vase Life of 4-8 days, but it can be extended a bit with proper care and keeping them away from direct sunlight.

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