Chrysanthemums (Mums) By type

If you are planning for a fall wedding, you have the once-a-year opportunity to make use of brilliant and brightly colored chrysanthemum flowers throughout your decorating scheme. Use bronze colors of fall or traditional whites and yellows, chrysanthemum flowers give off a sense of softness and warmth that perfectly matches a fall wedding theme.
Chrysanthemums flowers are a long lasting cut flower that can stay fresh for up to 14 days and sometimes longer depending on the variety. For a vibrant arrangement combine mums with our premium roses, and tulips to create arrangements with contrasting textures and hues that will spice up any room.
To take the best care of your mums, place them in a clean vase and display in a cool room that is away from doors and windows that have drafts. Hot spots like heating vents or sunny windows are also not good for them. Mums can last even longer if you store them in a cold room at night or when you’re not at home.
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