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Delphinium are slim, elegant flowers that display long stems covered entirely by little blossoms. They are perfect flowers to use when the goal is to add height and style to centerpieces and bouquets. The little blooms are star-shaped, and their petals are soft and paper-thin, which gives the flower a unique romantic look. 

These slender accent flowers are commonly used in weddings and events where large floral arrangements are required, due to their elegant height and beauty. You can find them in multiple hues of blue, white, lavender, purple, and pink. They look gorgeous when paired with other flowers such as hydrangeas, freesias or veronicas, and work equally well in rustic centerpieces and as a part of whymsical, wildflower-inspired creations. Delphinium adds a soft and beautiful touch to any flower arrangement,

Although their vase life can vary a lot (ranging from 4 to 12 days), if you care for your Delphinium flowers properly and make sure they don't get direct sunlight, we are sure that they will stay fresh and display all their beauty for a long time. Order yours now at wholesale prices and enjoy FREE shipping! All of our blooms are sent direct from our farms to your door, without intermediaries. This way we can assure you get fresher, longer lasting, premium quality flowers, at great prices!