Orange and Cream Flowers

Bicolor flowers are an excellent flower choice, blending your favorite colors, wedding theme colors or any other event’s theme colors, into one beautiful flower. Filled with double the meaning, able to grab double the attention, and sure to get double appreciation of anyone who sees them, bi-color flowers are among America’s favorite flowers for good reason.

Orange is said to be a color of the energy of friendship and community. Being the closest color we have to the color of the sun, orange is also said to be symbolic of expansion and growth. Ivory is a very neutral, calming and relaxing color and has the same pureness and softness of the color white, but with a slightly warmer and inviting tone. Combined these colors have unique attribute of providing energy, white promoting calm.

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If you aren’t fully satisfied with your order, please take a photo of the flowers within 24 hours and let us know. We'll begin the refund process and do our best to make you smile! Buy your bi-color flowers for sale online today!