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Carnations have a special place in any wedding ceremony. The Carnation’s name is believed to come from the word “coronation,” which draws upon the regal feeling one gets when holding these lovely flowers. Bulk Carnations from Flower Explosionoffer several colors to fit with any centerpiece or theme.

Shipping Carnations with Flower Explosion is simple, and convenient. Remember to schedule the delivery date of your flowers at least two days prior to the event. This helps your wedding bouquet stay fresh, and maintain the beautiful color you want for your wedding. DIY brides can order Carnations cut to any size, and their premium quality means a long vase life for guests to take home after the festivities.

Carnations are a sign of a love that are immediately recognizable. Since the ancient Greeks and early Christians, Carnations were a sign of devotion and fascination. These distinctive flowers are more popular in some parts of the world than roses, and the amount of colors available only adds to the popularity. Order wholesale roses and carnations for your wedding bouquet, and Flower Explosion will ship your customized order to you.