Tinted Roses

Our customers are snapping up our Tinted Roses by the hundreds to add pizzazz to a bouquet, decorate a theme party, or just to make a statement. These eye-catching creations of Tinted Roses are developed on our farms using organic flower extract dyes that are absorbed by the petals to produce multiple colors and patterns on a single rose. Our unique process ensures that our Tinted Rainbow Roses are not damaged in the dyeing process. They keep all their freshness and beauty while lasting just as long.

Our black tinted roses are very popular for their striking impression as are our blue roses for their deep and rich color. Perhaps most amazing are the rainbow roses that feature multiple hues in a single flower.
Need flowers in specific colors or just an extreme Rainbow rose? You can customize your order with a combination of up to three colors per bloom. Get a rainbow roses delivery with your college colors, your favorite team’s colors, or just what you’re in the mood for all swirled together on each bloom. Add a totally unique element to your wedding, your theme party or surprise a loved one with a truly unique gift. Our tinted roses and rainbow roses are the perfect choice for a gift out of this world.