True Blue Flowers

Are you looking for specific colors, but you have not decided the type of flower yet? In this section you will find all of our blue flowers.

Blue is the favorite color of all people on earth. It’s nature’s color of water and the sky. Most blues communicate a sense of cleanliness, loyalty, trust, and understanding. True blue specifically, symbolizes trust, dignity, intelligence and authority. This is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else. It promotes both physical and mental relaxation.

Royal blue may be the perfect color for your bridesmaid's bouquets. Create a beautiful arrangement out of navy blue flowers and royal blue flowers with hydrangeas, white roses, and green ruscus leaves filled the classic round bouquet. Some of our other favorite combinations using royal blue flowers are blue and orange, true blue and green and royal blue and orchid.

But don’t forget about the boys! True blue is high fashion when it comes to suits for weddings. Get creative and compliment your groom and groomsmen's suits perfectly with a blue hydrangea boutonniere.

Did you know our flowers are much better for environment, even after adding in transportation? All our true blue flowers are grown in the open year-round temperate air of South America. Growing naturally instead of greenhouses that must be heated, we are able to save on carbon emissions by over 600%!

Treat yourself, your wallet and the environment to the eye-catching beauty that are our true blue flowers, royal blue flowers and navy flowers. Buy blue flowers for sale today!