Wholesale Peonies

In some cultures, peony flowers are known as the “king of flowers”. This may explain why they are one of the most popular wedding flowers, and what better choice than the king of flowers to make a statement in your wedding. When it comes to wedding flowers, peonies have almost overtaken the classic rose in popularity among brides. They are an elegant choice not only for bouquets and centerpieces, but as an edible decoration for wedding cakes.

Whether you want to go pale or bright, peonies come in a wide variety of colors including reds, purples, salmon, apricot, white, cream, yellow and bicolor. Note: If you are sensitive to flowers or have flower allergies, peonies are as fragrant as they are pretty.

As a cut flower, peonies have a fairly short vase life of about a week and are heavy drinkers, so make sure to check their water level often. Flower Explosion bulk peonies flowers for sale never sit in a wholesaler’s warehouse. They are shipped via state-of-the-art cold storage, as soon as they are picked, direct to your door—or wherever you specify. Remember to see our wide variety of colors and schedule your wholesale peonies delivery two days prior to your event to allow sufficient time to hydrate your flowers. Buy fresh cut peonies for sale online today!