Wholesale Sunflowers - Small to Bulk Orders

The Sunflower is without a doubt the ultimate summer flower. They are synonymous with summer -- but are available year-round at Flower Explosion -- so can be used off-season to inject some summer energy into any event regardless of season. With their bright yellow petals, they add a splash of color to the bride’s white gown while the dark centers add a touch of drama.
Our bulk sunflowers are available to the public at wholesale prices- with very low minimums. Sunflowers can perfectly complement rustic, country-themed celebrations, but carefully pair them with other flowers and greenery and they take on a much more formal look. Use in combination with mums and carnations in shades of orange, white, or purple for a colorful bouquet masterpiece.
When put in a vase the sunflower plant typically has a life of 5-12 days but can be extended beyond that with the proper care and conditions. To get the longest life out of them, place them in a cool place, away from open windows and strong drafts, fresh fruit (which cause them to wilt more quickly) or direct sunlight.
Our quality is superior and our prices are surprisingly reasonable— we don’t offer cheap sunflowers, just good prices. Flower Explosion offers radical simplicity, fresher flowers and unbeatable value. Buy Sunflowers and enjoy Free Shipping, no hidden fees like our competitors and flowers grown in the Andes foothills that enjoy 350-plus days of sunshine make our flowers the best quality you will find.