There are some very good things happening in the market these days, that is making cheap wedding flowers more of an option for many young brides. For instance, have you noticed the flower import figures for last year? The most recent ones I can find show that the great bulk of the roses, just as an example, come from Colombia and that the next largest rose exporting country, while shipping significantly less than that country, is still sending in a large quantity of quality roses. That second country is Ecuador. So we get 77 percent of of our imported roses from Colombia and 19 percent from Ecuador. That's over 95 percent of our imported roses from two countries -- and, significantly, from two low-wage countries. So wholesalers and florists in the US are able to pass on these costs savings to brides here when they buy their wedding roses, and as a result that's more budget available for other components of the wedding. Cheap flowers are not necessarily second class blooms, of course. They can be the same high quality flowers available from US growers are a lower price. So that is all good news for young brides and their families.
September 08, 2010 — admin