Cheap wedding flowers can be used with striking effect to do two great things at your wedding: they can look like "a million dollars", and they can save you a heap of money. Let me explain.
The good thing about even most humble flower is that they look wonderful. Flowers of almost any variety, in full bloom, will always make us stop and look. There is something restful and compelling about flowers that most people like to savor and appreciate -- even if just for a few moments.
So that is point number one. When you're planning your wedding you don't have to feel you must pay for expensive blooms in large quantities. Almost any humble flower will bring grace and poise to your reception.
But you can go a step further, because you can arrange a few inexpensive flowers to give an effect as striking as if you had put masses of expensive blooms on every table at your reception. Just think back to when you last saw this done. They looked great, right? More is not always better, and when a few flowers are put together well they can dominate a space and give it just as much appeal and impact as large number of them.
Actually, you could take this to an extreme; with great effect. Put a rock in a simple, small glass container filled with water and float a peony over it. That will impress any of your wedding guests.
June 11, 2010 — admin