Wedding roses make the perfect bouquet. They lend themselves to the different types of arrangements brides carry with them on their day, which means you can safely make a bouquet yourself with roses. And roses have been used in weddings for hundreds of years, so they carry strong, simple, clearly understood messages through the happy wedding day.
A bouquet is usually made up in one of three or four styles. Most of them you can make yourself.
The most common is the round bouquet. You've seen it. This is a compact bunch of one type of flower, say a variety of rose. It can be made with or without greenery between the flowers, although a contemporary round bouquet tends to be just flowers with no filler. They have a big impact and look great. My own daughter carried a round bouquet with her on her wedding day.
The tiny version of this -- a very old way of bringing flowers into a wedding -- is called a nosegay. Brides have carried these for hundreds of years. Usually they are composed of only one flower variety.
A very modern version of the bouquet is hand-tied. Guests at the wedding can clearly see the stems of the flower which are tied, but only partly covered. They are elegant and make a statement.
Then there is the cascade of flowers that some brides carry into the church. These create a wonderful, generous effect. To make this the flowers are formed into a bunch, like a round bouquet, and then longer stemmed flowers are added and grouped so they form a gentle cascade of flowers down from the bride's hand. They can "fall" as far down as you like. They are always striking, but might be a little difficult to make yourself.
However the round bouquets are easy to compose and you might well consider buying wedding roses from a grower and having the pleasure of making your own floral arrangement for your wedding day.
June 14, 2010 — admin