There’s really nothing that says “romance” like roses and rose petals!  In fact, when most of us think of the word “romance,” we immediately think of rose petals and candles and low light, maybe some soft piano music and fine dining.  What can you actually do with petals to impress your date?  Here are 13 creative ideas!

1) Make a romantic pathway



This is probably one of the most obvious ideas, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great one.  The pathway can lead anywhere—to the spot you plan to propose to your hopeful fiancé to a table where you have set a romantic meal.  It is all up to you what you want to do!  It is a great way of creating anticipation when you have something special planned.

2) Spell it out

rose petals love

Words With Rose Petals
Another cool thing you can do with flower petals is write messages in them.  Use petals to spell out your partner’s name, or even just to say “I love you.”  It’s classy and keeps you from getting tongue-tied.

3) Decorate the bed

Fresh rose petals on the bed are another classic, also shown in the image above where the word “love” has been spelled out.  You really can’t go wrong here.  The bed is a romantic place, so you already have a head start.  Add the rose petals and you’ll make it an extra-special night.
Another fun variation on this idea is to wait until your partner is asleep, and then scatter rose petals all around him or her.  When your partner wakes up and sees all the petals, it will make for a very romantic morning!


4) Decorate a hotel room

This is another really popular idea, but that’s because it is a great one.  Even if you cannot get to the hotel room before your partner, you can often call ahead and have the hotel staff help you out.  You just have to order the petals and have them delivered to the hotel before you show up.  A hotel stay is a perfect opportunity to do something romantic, because you are already stepping out of the ordinary.

5) Potpourri

Here is a really cool, creative idea.  Does your partner give you flowers sometimes?  If so, start saving up the flower petals.  You can use the dried petals to create potpourri, and then gift the finished result to your partner on a date.  The potpourri will smell great, and it’s a wonderfully sentimental gift.  You could also create soap or a candle.  There are lots of things you can create with rose petals if you are crafty!

6) Fill a drawer with petals

Empty out your partner’s sock drawer and fill it up with fresh rose petals instead.  Hide some romantic gifts in the drawer for your partner to find—maybe some jewelry, chocolates or other small items.  Your partner will have fun sifting through the petals to see what you have left for him or her to discover!

7) The bathtub

bathtub rose petals


Another obvious one, but a classic.  Rose petals really add something to a bathtub.  They look beautiful floating on the surface, and not only convey romance, but luxury as well.  This is a good opportunity to add some other colors besides the classic red rose petals. And add some candles for mood lighting.

8) Package a gift

If you are putting together a gift box, and you know your recipient will be opening it that same day, you can package it with real rose petals in the box.  This would be a perfect idea for an engagement ring or an anniversary gift or something else equally romantic.

9) Rose petals in champagne

rose petals in champagne


Want to add an extra touch of romance to a glass of champagne?  Pop in a rose petal before you serve.  It adds a splash of color and shows extra thought.

10) Table setting with rose petals


To add a touch of romance to a dinner table, scatter some rose petals.  This is a great way to make it into a special meal and not just another date meal at home.  You can do this at home, but you can also do it at a restaurant.  It’s as simple as bringing some along and scattering them on the table when you get there.  Another alternative if you’re at home is to fill a glass bowl with rose petals and add a couple tea lights.  This is a very romantic way to provide some mood lighting!

11) Petals in the car

Have access to your partner’s car?  Surprise him or her by filling it with rose petals and leaving a message—maybe directions to a surprise date at a fancy restaurant.  What a fabulous surprise that would be coming out of work (just find a sneaky way to make sure that they will be free that night!).

12) Drop rose petals

For this one, you’ll need a friend who is willing to help you out, as well as a balcony or a window you will be passing under.  Have someone drop rose petals down on you and your love as you stand at the entrance to a building.  Imagine your partner’s reaction when rose petals start fluttering down from overhead!

13) Accent a message



Spelling out a message with rose petals is a great idea, but it can be hard to keep the message nice and neat, especially outside, where the petals might blow around.  Here is another idea which is a simple alternative.  Spell the message out with tea lights, and simply scatter some rose petals around it.
While a lot of ideas to use rose petals are fairly simple, there is a reason they are romantic classics.  You really can’t go wrong creating a pathway with roses or sprinkling them on a bed or in a bathtub.  If you are creative (and you are, right?), you can turn even a simple idea into a memorable night.  Whatever you choose to do with rose petals, you will be demonstrating that you are putting in the extra thought and effort, and that is exactly what romance is all about!
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