Planning your wedding is no easy task. There are so many huge details to remember and tons of little ones that it can get overwhelming! First, you have to pick a date, a venue and a theme. Then, you can start thinking about some of the specific details that you want on your wedding day, one big one being what type of flowers you want to include.

We just love flowers and how they can create an amazing ambiance with their presence. There are so many ways to include flowers in your wedding and we wanted to share a few great ideas with you today that will help to inspire you for your own special day.


Every bride needs a beautiful bouquet and this is one of the most common places you will see flowers during a wedding. The bridesmaids will also have bouquet, typically that are smaller than the brides and the groom and groomsman will also have boutonnieres that match in style or color.

Photo by L. Hewit Photography 

Around the Altar

No matter what type of ceremony you are having, you can use flowers to decorate the ceremony, focusing especially on the backdrop of where you and your groom will be standing when you are saying your “I do’s.” Not only is that a location that your wedding photographer will be taking tons of photos of you both, but it is the place where all your guests will be watching the two of you recite your vows to one another and share your first kiss as newlyweds!
Altar Flowers

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Along the Aisle

Flowers are so romantic and having them line the aisle, or even flower petals on the floor along the aisle is such a great way to incorporate your wedding color into your ceremony.
Aisle Flower Petals

Photo by Katie Ruther Photography

In Your Hair

Whether you want to have one simple flower in your hair, or an entire flower headpiece, a flower makes a gorgeous finishing touch to your perfect bridal look. Whether you want to use a bright red rose, or a simple headpiece made of baby’s breath, no matter what you choose it will be amazing.
Floral Crown

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On Top of the Cake

Whether you choose to have regular or edible flowers decorating your wedding cake, they can be simply stunning and a perfect way to incorporate your wedding colors and theme onto your cake as well.
Edible Flowers for Cake

Photo by Blume Photography

As A Reception Photo Backdrop

Some people love to have a spot specifically to take photos. You want to remember everyone who came to celebrate your special day with you, so why not set up a photo backdrop with tons of gorgeous flowers in the background? That will certainly make the photos taken of you and all your guests ones to remember forever!
Flower Backdrop for Photos

Photo by Laura Jane Photography

There are so many ways to include flowers in your wedding day, so we hope these 6 ideas have got you thinking and given you some inspiration while planning your own wedding.
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