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Spring flowers are one of the best parts of spring. Their bright colors and scents are fresh, fun, and a simple (yet always elegant) way to cheer up the place. No longer are we just viewing these beauties on our kitchen tables, we’re wearing them as floral crowns. (Even the quickest of Pinterest searches will pop with all kinds of flower crowns.)
And considering the perks, it’s not hard to see why. Flower pieces are beautiful, customizable, and they smell incredible. It’s also an easy way to liven up any outfit or hairstyle.
To take on this trend for yourself, all you need is a little knowhow, supplies, and of course, plenty of flowers.
What You’ll Need

Supplies for DIY Floral Crown

Fresh Flower Crown Tutorial
Start by trimming down stems so they’re two-three inches each), and removing leaves. (You can keep these on hand for filler if you like.) Next, shape your crown. Take the wire and measure on your head; use several strands in order to make a sturdy base. Elastic or a pre-shaped crown can also be used, though the wire will allow for more versatility.
Now, it’s time to start adding the flowers!
Start with one at a time until you get a feel for the process. Hold a flower against the wire (hold by the stem for a better grip) and attach as tightly as possible. Here you can use the wire – wrap and twist for extra support – or the floral tape for a cleaner finish. In this example, we used wire and then covered with floral tape at the end. This helped make the crown sturdy, but without sacrificing a polished look.

Attach Flowers with Wire and Tape

Keep adding flowers around the crown in whatever pattern you desire. Note: the closer the flowers are together, the fuller the final piece. (Which will also add more weight.) Make sure each flower is firmly attached as you go.
Now it’s time to decide what type of variation you’d like to make. Wrap flowers around the entire piece for 360 degrees of hair décor. This will take the most inventory, but can create a beautiful view from all angles.

Flowers All Around Crown

Another variation can be done with half (or three-quarters) of the crown. Then tucking hair in the back for an elegant and polished look. (Easiest wedding hair ever!) Pair that with a decorative headpiece or beads and leave the hair down, or combine both of the above for yet another incredible style.
Or, stick to a headband for flowers in the front and free-flowing hair in the back.

Hair Down in Back Flower Crown
One of the biggest perks about this project is that it can be tailored to many different preferences. Simply switch up flowers, placement, embellishments, and more for a beautiful take on your own hairpiece.
And in whatever style you prefer, use bobby pins to hold securely in place.

To keep your floral crown fresh, store it in the fridge when not in use. Spritz with water and keep in the crisper section, such as a drawer, which will offer more protection.
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Text by: Bethaney Wallace
Photos by: Demiurge Photography

April 14, 2018 — admin