If you want to add color and whimsy to any arrangement this summer, one of the best ways to do it is using gerbera daisies!  These flowers are beautiful on their own or as part of a larger arrangement.  They start blooming toward the end of spring and continue through early autumn, so they are available all summer for you to use.  They can thrive for a long time before they wilt, and they come in almost every color you can imagine, ranging from bright yellow to deep orange and scarlet, light and dark pink, and white.  Let’s take a look at some beautiful gerbera daisy flower arrangements from around the web for inspiration!

1. Try tall gerbera daisies


Gerbera daisies usually provide a fun, vibrant effect, but this beautiful arrangement proves that they can also add a flair of understated, sophisticated elegance.  I love the way that the flower arranger chose progressively taller stems.  The daisies draw the eye upward, but do not distract from the roses and other beautiful plants in the vase.

2. Coordinate with other décor


These simple gerbera daisy arrangements in Mason jars include nothing but deep red gerbera daisies.  Look how effective they are, though.  With the black and white polka dot ribbons around the jars, they match the ladybugs and the balloons beautifully.  As a result, they really grab your eye and make you pay attention.

3. Glass bowl with a tea light


This is a very simple and easy idea you can do using a single gerbera daisy.  Just put it inside a little glass bowl, fill it up with water, and float a tea light on the top.  This would be a wonderfully romantic way to light a special dinner with a date, and would also be great as table décor at a wedding or gala.  In the dark, the candle would really make the gerbera daisy look like it was glowing.  You could also achieve a beautiful effect using a bunch of these in different colors!

4. Simple does it!

aqua daisy


I love this aqua gerbera daisy!  The little glass vase doesn’t overwhelm the solitary flower, and the little glass beads at the bottom emphasize the color of the daisy and draw your eye right back to the blossom.  This is a simple, easy way to make a beautiful color statement.

5. Go for classic elegance

daisies and mason jars


This arrangement in a mason jar has that homespun look and feel to it, but the blossoms are all classic elegance.  The light pink roses and the white gerbera daisy play really well off of each other, and make for a soft, romantic, nostalgic look.

6. Give jelly beans and daisies a go!

daisy arrangement


Here is a very clever idea which is perfect for spring and summertime.  These gerbera daisies are surrounded by jelly beans.  The artist who put this arrangement together had an amazing eye for color, and did a perfect job matching up jelly bean colors to the hues in the daisies.  The finished effect is amazing!  The entire arrangement is just an explosion of color!

7. Work in some fruit

floral fruit wedding arrangement


Another very popular trend that we are seeing everywhere this year is integrating fruit and vegetables into arrangements.  Here we have bright orange gerbera daisies set in a container with light green moss and oranges.  The orange of the daisies and the orange of the fruit match up perfectly, and are offset beautifully by the wonderfully contrasting moss.  The finished effect is one of beautiful simplicity.  Oranges are a good choice for this too, because you can still peel them and eat them.
We hope that you enjoyed these beautiful gerbera daisy arrangement ideas for summer!  Remember, gerberas bloom even in early fall, so you can enjoy these arrangements for months.  Get a mixed assortment of daisies here. Have fun, and be sure to share your own inspiring gerbera arrangements with us!