“Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" So said a stuffy nosed Meg Ryan to a secretly seductive Tom Hanks in that loveliest of romantic comedies, You’ve Got Mail. We, at Flower Explosion would have to agree that daisies are the friendliest of flowers along with other wedding flowers gaining popularity amongst brides.

Daisies, alstroemerias, pompoms… These are but a few of the nontraditional flowers that are becoming more and more trendy for wedding bouquet flowers and wedding flower centerpieces. They not only offer brides a way to stand out as unique, but they are also significantly less expensive than more traditional wedding flowers such as roses or peonies.
Daisies and Pom poms are sweet, friendly, delicate flowers that offer a cheerfulness and soothing atmosphere to any centerpiece. Both flowers come in a wide variety of colors and offer more than one bloom per stem! On the other hand, Alstroemerias are an extremely unique flower that gives off an impression of unique exoticism. We offer these flowers in an abundance of colors on our site, including orange, yellow, pink, and lavender. The different hues of these flowers allow a bride to have wider selection for her desired color scheme.
We offer so many traditional and nontraditional flower packages for weddings, and we can accommodate any large order if we don't have a package already in place. At Flower Explosion, we are committed to finding the best flower that embodies the essence of your special wedding day. We aim to please brides who prefer the simplicity of Daisies and Pom poms as well as satisfy the ones who prefer the boldness of our breathtaking Alstromerias.
The beauty of this trend of using nontraditional wedding flowers is that a bride can make her personal mark on a wedding, and what bride doesn't want that? If you’d like more information on our nontraditional wedding flowers don’t hesitate to call or contact us with any questions. www.flowerexplosion.com
May 20, 2013 — admin