We recently received an email from a customer who casually mentioned at the end of her correspondence that she saw a bouquet of 12 roses – which were clearly regular old supermarket flowers – for $55. She was astounded. Like her, we find it silly to pay $50-$60 for anything less than premium roses. And we are proud to say that at Flower Explosion, you can get twice as many of our premium Ecuadorian roses for the same price as the bouquet of a dozen supermarket roses.

Our premium Ecuadorian roses for sale come from award-winning plantations who treat their products with utmost care. Over the course of the year, we offer nearly 100 different varieties of these premium roses in a wide range of colors. And all of them – with rare exception – can be purchased at 25 stems for less than $60.
Beyond the plethora of rich red fresh-cut roses available on our site are the many different colored varieties. One that is particularly unique is the Cézanne Rose, which features creamy petals with eight sweetly soft pink edging. The effect is very subtle and soothing, and fits the artistic name of the variety perfectly. The stem length is 22 inches, and a single bunch of 25 roses can be purchased on sale now for $57.99.
Another unique variety is our Cinnamon Peach Rose, which brightens a room while also transmitting a sense of calm to it. The rose is a subtle peachy orange hue and can be purchased for the same price as the Cézanne Rose.
Another benefit of buying these premium roses is that they will last twice as long as regular store-bought roses. This is because, like all of the products we offer, they are fresh cut flowers of the highest quality and are shipped the same day that they are cut.
There is no need to spend $50-$60 on a bouquet of supermarket flowers when you can receive twice as many at a better price from our Flower Explosion. Peruse our enormous selection of premium Ecuadorian roses, and make a purchase that will last longer and provide you with much more beauty and fragrance. www.flowerexplosion.com
May 16, 2013 — admin