If you run a flower shop, you are well aware of the time-consuming nature of ordering individual wholesale flowers and arranging them in bouquets. You must also arrange the fillers, the packaging, and so on for each individual flower bouquet. But at Flower Explosion, we have come up with a way to save you the time and energy it takes to arrange each bouquet that you sell, while still allowing you enormous profits!
Our ready-made bouquets provide you with premium, fresh cut flowers that you can buy at an affordable wholesale price, and have it shipped straight to your location, which you can resell for triple the price! By choosing our simple yet elegant bouquet styles, you can save both time and money, without missing out on the quality that you are offering your customers.
Each flower that goes into any of our bouquets is a farm fresh flower that hails from a prime location. Take, for instance, our “With All My Heart” bouquet. This flower bouquetfeatures 12 premium Ecuadorian red roses, red Hypericum, green hanging Amaranthus, and other fillers such as Ruscus. You can order this bouquet in sets of six or 12 for reduced prices, and in fact, they are on sale right now!
A similar but likewise elegant package is the "To the Best Mom" bouquet. This one has premium Ecuadorian pink roses, pink hanging Amaranthus, red Hypericum, Baby’s Breath, and other green foliage to act as fillers. Again we have them in packages of six or 12, and again they are currently on sale.
Our premade bouquets always receive great reviews from our customers. They are always happy with the freshness the flowers arrive in, and we have heard back that the bouquets sell swimmingly.
There is no reason for you to lose so much time arranging fresh bouquets when you can receive farm fresh flowers already arranged for you. Running a business is stressful enough. Let us help take some of the stress off with these ready to sell bouquets. For more information on our ready-made bouquets please visit us at www.flowerexplosion.com or call 866.639.0277.
May 09, 2013 — admin