June is not only the month of weddings – it is the month of peonies, as well! Indeed, peonies are in season, and who does not love this beautiful, fragrant flower? As your preferred online florist, we at Flower Explosion love this season, as we are able to make so many of our bride-to-be customers happy by fulfilling their wedding bouquet dreams with fresh, effortless peonies.
Peonies are unique for many reasons. Their blooms are somewhat rose-like, but they are much more lush. They are also much larger than roses, or any other typical blooms for that matter. They have compound, deeply lobed leaves, as well, which look beautiful in arrangements. The blooms arranged with just the stems, however, make for striking centerpieces and other decorations.
Brides love peonies, because for a DIY wedding, there couldn't be a more practical wedding flower. A single peony in a nice vase is elegant enough for table decorations, but put them in bunches and you will need nothing more. For a wedding bouquet, the unusually large size of the blooms, when bunched four or five at a time, create the sweetest, loveliest impression.
Peonies typically bloom the last 10 days of May and run through the month of June. Their big attractive blooms make them perfect for decorating, whether for a wedding or another special occasion. Add to their beauty their unbelievable fragrance and you might have quite possibly stumbled upon the perfect flower.
We offer peonies in white, light pink, hot pink, and red, and we have several DIY wedding packages for them.
Be sure to order your peonies ahead of time, as they become very scarce after June and are so popular that they sell out quickly. Don't miss out on having this incomparable flower for your wedding or special occasion. For more information about these superb flowers visit please visit www.flowerexplosion.com
May 02, 2013 — admin