Designing a bouquet of fresh cut flowers requires no small amount of creativity. Some people have a natural eye for pairing flowers that highlight one another to create an even more powerful impact than individual flowers have on their own. Others may require a few helpful hints and guidelines that can steer them to create a stunning arrangement. A crucial and all too often overlooked elements of any bouquet are the flower fillers. Choosing the right flower to fill your bouquet can make all the difference.
Flower Explosion offers a vast range of filler flowers, from the classic baby's breath flowers to the more rarely seen Bupleurum. If chosen wisely, fillers can add depth and volume to any bouquet and with our great prices and high quality, you can effectively create this volume without going over your budget.
When it comes to fillers, you typically have ones that are green and leafy – essentially adding foliage to your display of flowers. Bells of Ireland are elegant fillers that fall under this category. The bell-shaped green leaves surround your main flowers in what can look like a hug and when used effectively, bells of Ireland can add a sense of friendliness and love to a bouquet. You also have fillers that are floral – adding accents to bring out the beauty of your featured flowers.
The latter category includes such flowers as the lovely phlox, which we carry in pink, lavender, or white. These tiny bunches of flowers are comprised of small blooms that cheerfully poke their heads out from under the main flowers to say hello. Some of our other floral filler options include Godetia, Asters, Stock, and Star of Bethlehem. Each item accents a bouquet in its own particular way.
Then of course, there is the ultimate filler that is gypsophila , more commonly known as baby’s breath. We carry a wide variety of Gypsophila types at Flower Explosion, and each one can be obtained at an affordable price while still being of the highest quality.
Experimenting with fillers is the best way to hone your skill in the art of arranging bouquets. Ultimately, you can't really go wrong, as fresh cut flowers are always a sight to behold. Peruse our full catalog of flower fillers, and begin designing bouquets with Flower Explosion today!
April 23, 2013 — admin