When shopping for flowers online, you are faced with two basic choices. You could shop from the sites that sell prearranged bouquets or you can buy fresh cut flowers in bulk. At Flower Explosion, we encourage our customers to buy in bulk, as the savings are undeniable. And the quality and freshness of the flowers is not in any way compromised.
We consider ourselves to be the best online florist for a number of reasons. First, there is the freshness of our flowers. The packaging process for our Ecuadorian roses for instance, is done by a certified professional on the very farm where the roses were raised. The roses will arrive ready to bloom into a veritable flower explosion as soon as they are well hydrated.
Second, we offer an enormous variety of flowers in a number of different packages and arrangements. We also specialize in tinted roses, including the extremely unique rainbow rose . The tinted roses are naturally grown white roses that are then tinted through a special process the very same day that they are cut.
Third, we offer flowers sold in bulk at an incredible rate. When you buy 250 Ecuadorian roses, for instance, you can get them for as little as 89 cents a stem. We have large orders available in a number of ways. We can send bouquets by the box, which is a significant savings over individual bouquets. Or, for even more savings, you can choose to arrange the bouquets yourself, and in doing so, you can get three times as many stems for the same price – if not more – than prearranged bouquets.
If you wanted to order a bouquet of 12 tinted roses from one of our competitors, fiestaroses.com, for example, you would pay approximately the same price as you would to order 25 bulk rainbow roses from Flower Explosion. You're more than doubling the quantity, and no one can argue with that math.
So if you have more than one bouquet to arrange, we highly recommend you buy in bulk. This way, you also get to take on the creative task of arranging your bouquets! Take a look at our wholesale selections, or contact us with any questions. www.flowerexplosion.com or 866.639.0277
March 08, 2013 — admin