Over the course of our years as an online florist, we have received countless orders for wedding flowers . In the process, we sometimes hear about some pretty unique wedding plans and themes. Just recently, we heard from a customer who had a total of 40 people in her wedding party! She was wise to order from us, given the discounts we offer when flowers are ordered in bulk. But what stood out the most was that she was planning to have no less than seven flower girls! Naturally, we directed her to our rose petals page.
Fresh rose petals are essential for weddings, not only for the baskets carried by the flower girls (all seven of them!), but also for decorating tables, the floor underneath the guests’ seats during the ceremony, or wherever you would like. We offer our fresh rose petals in bulk, or in smaller packages if that suits your needs. Our packages begin at 1900 petals split into four bags, and they grow in size up to 12,000 petals packaged in 26 packs.
We have white rose petals, if you're sticking with the theme of purity (or if you simply like white rose petals!), and we also have a plethora of colored rose petals to choose from: cream, red, yellow, peach, lavender, hot pink, pale green, orange, and more. You can also get packages of our tinted rose petals , which come from our tinted roses.

And of course, the use of rose petals is not limited to weddings! You can use them for any romantic setting. Spread them across the bedspread for a night alone with your sweetheart. Strew them across the dining room table for a romantic meal. Or perhaps there is an event – a school dance or charity event – at which these petals would add an elegant touch.
So if you are planning a particularly unique – or a particularly populated wedding – our fresh rose petals are sure to meet your needs. The same goes for any other event you may be planning. Check out our fresh rose petals page to see our wide variety of options. http://www.flowerexplosion.com/by-flower/roses/petals.html
March 13, 2013 — admin