"The Calla Lilies are in bloom again!" So cried Katharine Hepburn in the classic film Stage Door. She follows this up with, “Suitable for any occasion.” So true! Of both Calla Lilies and their diminutive counterpart, Mini Calla Lilies. And at Flower Explosion, we have an ample supply of calla lilies available to our customers.
Mini calla lilies have thinner stems and smaller heads than full-sized calla lilies, but the elegance of the flower is not diminished by its smaller size. If anything, the elegance is increased by the mini calla lilies’ portability and versatility. If fresh cut lilies are what you are looking for your wedding theme, for instance, mini calla lilies are an ideal choice in that they make great boutonnieres and beautiful bouquets.
The selection of colors available to you on our website is wide enough that you should be able to find mini calla lilies that fit your wedding color scheme. We offer red, orange, pink, yellow, lavender, white, and bicolor mini calla lilies. We even have the very unique black mini calla lilies available. In reality, these flowers are deep, dark red in color, but they are known as black calla lilies because of the dramatic effect they can have in a bouquet or in vases.
Katharine Hepburn and the screenwriter of Stage Door certainly hit the nail on the head in their description of these elegant flowers – Calla lilies are suitable for any occasion, indeed. If a touch of elegance is needed for charity events, a fancy gathering, a bouquet to be given on Mother's Day or a birthday, you will never go wrong with a selection of Mini Calla Lilies. They are truly classic. They never go out of style and will enhance any setting. http://www.flowerexplosion.com/by-flower/callas/mini-calla-lily.html
March 20, 2013 — admin