A rose is a rose, or so the saying goes, but we beg to differ! Unlike human beings, not all roses are created equal. Across the flower industry worldwide, Ecuadorian roses are preferable to any other type of rose. At Flower Explosion, we are proud to offer Ecuadorian roses.
When shopping for fresh cut roses over the Internet, it is important to consider vase life. The Ecuadorian Rose is ideal for this because of their larger head size and thicker stems. The quality and color of the Ecuadorian Rose remains steady throughout the course of the year, so you can order these for any occasion – Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it!
As with all of our flowers, our packages only include Farm fresh flowers , and this is certainly true for our Ecuadorian roses. The superiority of Ecuadorian roses, other than their thick stems and larger heads, comes down to two main qualities. First, they are grown in Ecuador, the very name of which has the same root as "equator." Indeed, their proximity to the equator means that direct sunlight reaches them all year round. The sunlight is 90° above the flowers, and as flowers grow towards the sun, this means that these roses grow straight.
The second attribute of Ecuadorian roses that make them the best roses for weddings , romantics evenings, or any other occasion, is altitude. Ecuadorian rose farms are typically located about 9000 feet above sea level, thus getting the roses even closer to sunlight. All flowers thrive on sunlight, and these roses’ ability to photosynthesize improves due to their close access to the sun's rays. And again, their proximity to the equator means they are not subject to frosts, even at this high altitude.
There is no question that Ecuadorian roses are the best roses available and sought after, worldwide. For more information please visit www.flowerexplosion.com or contact us at 866.639.0277
March 29, 2013 — admin