When you order wholesale flowers from Flower Explosion, you will always receive them in top condition – our prepping, packaging, and shipping system is designed to ensure this. In order for you to maintain this freshness, there are a few tips that can help. We've noticed many customers frequently seeking to learn ways to properly take care of fresh flowers such as fresh tulips once they arrive, so we've put together some tips that we have found to be particularly effective for almost any flower you desire to keep fresh especially a customer favorite- fresh cut roses .
Be sure to always use a clean vase, adding about 5 inches of water and changing it every 3 days. In addition to water, add either the provided flower food, a spoonful of vinegar, or even an aspirin tablet, which will keep your flowers looking their best, longer. Any leaves or foliage that falls below the waterline should be removed. You may find more foliage on carnation flowers or rainbow roses , and leaving this extra foliage below the waterline only robs the blooms of hydration. We also suggest removing any discolored petals from the flowers.
When it comes to cutting the stems of flowers, always cut the stems at a diagonal as this improves hydration for the flowers. In fact, if you can cut the stems at a diagonal while holding them underwater, that is even better.
After cutting the stems, place the flowers in the prepared solution, and leave on the cellophane packing in which they arrived in for at least five hours. This allows the hydration to fully penetrate the blooms.
A few do's and don’ts to help you keep your flowers fresh for the longest possible time:
Direct sunlight is never good for a rose, nor are drafts or excessive heat, try to keep your flowers in a stable temperature environment. Leaving roses in a warm area will help them bloom more quickly, but if you prefer them to bloom slower, placing your roses in a cooler area is the best option.
Even when flowers become limp or begin to wilt, it is still possible to salvage the bloom. Remove the flower from the bouquet or arrangement, cut the bottom of the stem about an inch, and place the flower into flower food solution for about an hour or so. Warmer water helps in the revival of these blooms, as well.
At Flower Explosion, we strive to give our customers the best experience with their floral arrangements and hopefully you will put these tips to good use and enjoy your flowers that much longer! www.flowerexplosion.com
April 02, 2013 — admin