DIY wedding bouquets are becoming more and more popular amongst modern brides, as everyone wants to put their own unique stamp on their wedding. We love this trend at Flower Explosion, and are here to offer ideas and suggestions that will help make your personally designed wedding bouquet really stand out.
A blushing bride can never go wrong with fresh cut roses in her bouquet. One popular trend that we have noticed from our customers is the combination of natural roses with tinted roses . This technique can greatly help in keeping with your color theme. For instance if your color scheme calls for a shade of blue not found in natural roses, you can combine natural white roses with blue tinted roses. To really stand out, combining white roses with tinted rainbow roses makes an especially strong impression.
Considering your color scheme is always important when designing your wedding bouquet. In the case of a blue-themed wedding, if you don't wish to take the tinted roses path, you can always combine blue peonies and white peonies , or add blue snap dragons into the mix. You also want to consider the style of your wedding. Whether you are aiming for an elegant wedding or something less formal, we offer a wide range of flowers from the classic rose to calla lily to Asiatic lilies and sunflowers.
One of the most important aspects to consider when designing you wedding bouquet is your wedding dress. Arranging the flowers for the wedding reception and ceremony aren't as essential as the bride’s bouquet, as it must go swimmingly with the dress. Make no mistake, that the bouquet is an accessory to the dress, and should be thought of accordingly.
Fillers can add a lot to a bridal bouquet , especially if you're going for a more creative look. When selected well, fillers can add flair and volume to a bouquet, without raising the cost too much.
The main things to keep in mind when designing your own wedding bouquet are color scheme, general style or theme of the wedding, and coordinance with the bride’s dress. With these elements met, you can’t go wrong with designing a bouquet that is both beautiful and unique!
April 09, 2013 — admin