One of the many advantages to our do-it-yourself wedding packages is the fun of assembling your wedding bouquet and wedding flowers yourself. We recently heard from a new mother-in-law who wrote to tell us about the fun she experienced helping her daughter-in-law create the centerpieces and bouquets for her wedding.

The woman admitted to being a little wary of buying online wedding flowers , but in the end, the savings from the affordable wedding flowers we offer at Flower Explosion convinced them. Rather than buying one of our Wedding-in-a-Box packages , wherein the bouquets come already assembled, they opted to buy wholesale flowers . Some customers like to skip the time-consuming step of assembling the bouquets and centerpieces themselves, given all the other stresses that go into planning a wedding. However, this mother-in-law was thrilled at the time spent with her daughter and bridesmaids and other family members who helped and made the event even more memorable.

She describes how they laughed as they made all five of the bridesmaids bouquets, fifteen table centerpieces from orders of babies breath, seven boutonnieres, and so on. Storing the arrangements was not a problem; they simply kept the flowers in a cool area of the house in vases, pitchers, and so on, until the last minute.

Typically, we deliver our flowers two days prior to the wedding, so that you don't have to worry about storing them for too long, yet you still have the time you need to assemble all your flowers. We're happy to hear that these ladies were able to bond and smile over the assemblage of their wedding bouquets. Evidently, they are a group of crafty ladies!

The good news for crafty people is that we offer the option to customize your orders in case any of our packages don't fit your exact wishes. So however you picture your flowers for your wedding, at Flower Explosion, we can accommodate and make your wedding dreams come true.

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December 21, 2012 — admin