Here at Flower Explosion, we offer more than just affordable online wedding flowers . While we continually receive positive feedback from happy brides and happy wedding planners about our wedding flowers and wedding bouquets , we likewise receive great feedback from customers ordering flowers for other occasions.

One particularly unique feature we offer at Flower Explosion are our fundraising packages . We offer fundraising bouquets for medium-sized fundraisers, large fundraisers, and even small, more modest-sized fundraisers. We understand that if you're ordering flowers for this purpose, you're likely raising money for charitable cause or nonprofit, and therefore we offer wholesale and discount prices on these packages. And right now, our fundraising packages are on sale, so you can get an even more affordable price.

Our smallest fundraising package includes 300 premium roses along with 75 filler items such as baby's breath or hypericum. This is enough to make 50 bouquets of six roses, 100 bouquets of three roses, or any other combination you like. Rubbers and plastic sleeves are included in the package, as well

For medium-sized fundraisers, we offer a package with 600 premium roses , with proportional fillers and rubbers and sleeves. Our large fundraiser package comes with 1200 premium roses and the correlating number of fillers and sleeves.

We also offer the option to customize your package for whatever your fundraising event may be. These packages are great for silent auctions, charity dinners, charity concerts, and so on. Planners of fundraisers repeatedly tell us how perfect our packages were for their occasion, and we are so pleased to hear it.

Our goal at Flower Explosion is striving to meet all of our customers’ needs no matter the occasion or size. We are your go to Florist!

Feel free to call us with any questions at 866.639.0277 or visit for more information and pricing.

December 14, 2012 — admin