Asian florist Tan Jun Yong once said of pink hydrangea flowers, "The light delicate blush of the petals reminds me of a beating heart, while the size could only match the heart of the sender!" This reflects well on the meaning behind hydrangeas as assigned by the Asian world, where hydrangeas were first grown and made popular. The generally accepted meaning of a hydrangea is, "You are the beat of my heart." What better flowers for wedding ceremonies could there be, then, than the hydrangea?
Hydrangeas and weddings fit so well together because of the delicacy and sweetness conveyed by the flower. Hydrangeas can be used sparingly – for instance just for the wedding bouquet – or they can serve as the general theme for an entire wedding ceremony and reception.
The other beauty of using hydrangeas is that they make for very affordable wedding flowers . And yet, the elegance and beauty that belong to an occasion as momentous as a wedding are not lost because of this affordability. Indeed, a wedding themed with hydrangeas is breathtaking and memorable for both those in attendance and for the bride and groom.
At Flower Explosion, we offer a wide range of hydrangea packages. Our hydrangeas are grown in Columbia, which has a climate in which this species of flower thrives. We have regular sized hydrangeas as well as a mini hydrangeas, and we have both naturally colored flowers and tinted flowers.
You can buy them in packages of 30 stems, 40 stems, 60 stems, or 80 stems, depending on the size of your wedding or other occasion. Our hydrangeas have a vase life of seven days, which exceeds the average five days. But this does not affect our price. At Flower Explosion, the hydrangea remains both the perfect wedding flower and an affordable wedding flower. Therefore, on your special day, you can say to your loved one, "You are the beat of my heart," without even opening your mouth.
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January 24, 2013 — admin