Spring is such a beautiful season. The world is coming back to life. Pastel green leaf buds are appearing on the trees, the tops of annual bulbs are just peaking out of the not so long ago frozen ground, and soon full-blown tulips and daffodils will declare their presence to the world. Animals are emerging from hibernation, and the weather at long last, is getting warmer. The world truly begins in new each spring, and therefore, it is no wonder that spring is such a popular time of year for weddings. What better time to embark on your new life with your loved one and future lifelong companion?
However, just because spring is a popular time for weddings does not mean that your spring wedding can't be unique. Undoubtedly, spring wedding flowers create a lasting impression, with their typically pastel hues and sweet fragrances. Whether you select pastel roses, hydrangeas, carnations, or what have you, your wedding bouquets are bound to be beautiful and romantic if you have selected a spring inspired color scheme.
Thankfully for those celebrating spring weddings, we at Flower Explosion have affordable wedding flowers in all types of color schemes and flower species. Perhaps your spring wedding is a garden party set in the later part of the season such as May or early June. Brighter colors to reflect the ensuing summer may be a wise choice. If the part of spring that appeals to you most is the early part of the season, when the snow was still melting and the new life is barely peeking through, perhaps more muted colors will suit your wedding flowers best.
Either way, you'll find no better place to get your flowers than Flower Explosion. We have a wide variety of affordable wedding flowers, and we thrive on making each of our clients’ wedding dreams come true. So happy spring, brides to be! It is truly a beautiful time of year to begin the adventure that is marriage!
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January 30, 2013 — admin