Roses are naturally available in a wide array of colors. Tinted roses , however, are the next tier of aesthetics. Nature no longer limits the color of roses; with tinted roses, the sky is the limit.
Flower Explosion’s tinted roses begin as carefully and naturally grown white roses. On the same day they are cut, a special treatment colors them intravenously, the white delicately absorbing the customers’ color of choice.
Our site offers pre-prepared color combinations, including bright green, yellow/blue, purple/white, red/yellow, black/red, red/pink/white (cotton candy), and rainbow. We also offer roses for the holidays: for Christmas, white/green/red to facilitate cheer and festivity; for Independence Day, red/white/blue for patriotism; and for Halloween, orange/black.
But even more exciting is that we allow customers to fully customize their own roses, beyond choices already in stock. Flower Explosion is currently the number one supplier of custom-tinted roses , with literally hundreds of possible two to three color combinations to choose from. Our black tinted roses which are made from naturally dark red roses tinted black have become super popular among brides for their bridal bouquet with a touch of white lace. Killer combo!
We at Flower Explosion are the premier tinted-rose experts, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to obtain some of the most exciting, new fresh cut flowers around. Check out our selection of tinted roses today, and be prepared to be thrilled with your choices!
For more information on our Tinted Roses and other wonderful options visit or contact us at 866.639.0277
February 06, 2013 — admin